Web Samples

Greenwood Cemetery

  • This was my first WordPress project.
  • The site was a full rebuild, and it was the first City website to move to WordPress.
  • Some challenges I faced:
    – Almost the entire content needed to be re-written.
    – I needed to find a better way for tours to be booked.
    – It was hard to find services, cost and other pertinent information.
  • I used bootstrap for the basic framework to ensure the site is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • My role: designer, developer and content writer.


City of Orlando Intranet

  • In 2013, the City intranet had a minimum of 3 different designs present from various redesigns, and it was being updated through FrontPage.
  • Challenges I faced:
    – Limited information was posted to the home page, providing employees with only some event and news information.
    – There was constant struggle on what could stay up on the intranet, and for how long.
    – There was no archive or pagination, so employees could not look up events or news that was taken off the home page.
  • I used a paid theme and modified it to fit the needs I identified through research. I also set up the WordPress multi-site option to separate content between the various departments and divisions – giving a total of 13 subsites.
  • My role: content specialist and developer.

Images available upon request


  • Since FrontPage was not longer supported and many web authors could no longer use the software, it was decided to move cityoforlando.net onto a CMS, WordPress.
  • Challenges faced:
    – We needed to reduce the number of pages and attached documents that littered the site.
    – The new website needed to be responsive, as at the time at least 40% of web traffic came through mobile devices.
  • To prepare web authors, I created a writing and WordPress curriculum.
  • I worked with the Spanish Web Coordinator to update translations to the new pages, as well as create new pages.
  • Phase 2:
    – As the new web app developer, I was asked to redesign the home page.
    – My team and I worked with Code for America to update content to be more user-centric and remove city hall jargon.
    – Designed a new subsite to entice users to order a free tree. Also, this approach moved traditional content away from specific divisions and created a consolidated place for all tree information.
  • My role: during phase 1: content specialist, assist in development and information architecture and troubleshooting. Currently, main developer and designer, while working with the graphics team to ensure branding and style guidelines.


WiFi Login Page

  • This page had not been updated since it was created several years ago.
  • Original version was not responsive, and “agree”/”disagree” buttons were at the bottom of the page, after scrolling.
  • I redesigned the page to be responsive, made terms and conditions contained in a text box, so you wouldn’t have to scroll unless you were reading it and added “agree”/”disagree” buttons to the top of the page. Also included new City branding.
  • My role: Designer and developer.

Orlando Main Streets

  • Created separate website to allow for Orlando Main Streets program to move into a newer phase of promotion.
  • This was to help highlight the various districts and attract locals and visitors.
  • Needed to be colorful, responsive and promote the districts.
  • My role: developer. Designed in-house by the Senior Graphics Designer. We worked together to determine the course of action and functionality of the website.